Zynga Wins 'Scramble With Friends' UK Lawsuit, But Must Alter Game's Logo

November 4, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Zynga has won its Scramble With Friends lawsuit against Mattel in a UK court. The social gaming giant was sued by Mattel, who claimed that Zynga's game was too similar to Mattel's classic word game Scrabble. Mattel filed suit against Zynga arguing that Scramble With Friends was too similar to its own trademarked game, but High Court Justice Peter Smith rejected the claim, with one caveat.

The Scramble With Friends logo includes a letter M in the style of a corkscrew, which Justice Smith ruled "gives the impression that the word is Scrabble when one looks at it quickly and has the propensity to confuse."

Zynga will be able to continue selling the game in the UK using its current name, but the court ruled that the logo will have to be redesigned.

"We are pleased that the English High Court today affirmed Mattel's request for an injunction against Zynga, finding that the similarities between their Scramble With Friends logo and Mattel's intellectual property likely would confuse the public into thinking they were in fact downloading Scrabble," said Mattel spokesman Alan Hilowitz to the BBC.

"We are, however, disappointed that the court did not rule that Zynga should cease using the Scramble name, which Mattel intends to appeal."

Zynga had no comment on outcome of the case.

Source: GII


Re: Zynga Wins 'Scramble With Friends' UK Lawsuit, But Must ...

No, that styled 'm' doesn't look anything like a double 'b.'  Besides, the game looks like Boggle anyway, not Scrabble.



Re: Zynga Wins 'Scramble With Friends' UK Lawsuit, But Must ...

Yeah, this is really weird. Zynga's Scrabble knock-off is called "Words with Friends". Scramble with Friends is Zynga's Boggle knock-off. So I am not sure what exactly Mattel was worried about here.

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