Zombie Studios Donates $25K in Blacklight Retribution In-Game Currency to Operation Supply Drop

November 5, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Zombie Studios, creator of upcoming survival horror game Daylight, has donated $25,000 of in game currency for their flagship first person shooter, Blacklight: Retribution on Steam to Operation Supply Drop. The donation will to be sent out as a part of the military gaming charity's end-of-the-year 8-Bit Salute fundraising drive to build video game-related care packages for soldiers deployed in combat zones around the world (like Afghanistan) and recovering in military hospitals. OSD has already managed to raise $450,000 in donations from across the gaming community and has provided support to approximately 1,500 soldiers worldwide.

"We are honored to participate in Operation Supply Drop to support our troops. Contributing to this cause to thank our troops for all they do is very important to us," said Jared Gerritzen, Studio Director at Zombie Studios. "We have worked with the military in our Serious Games group and Zombie was founded by two veterans of America's armed forces, so we are honored to take part in this cause."

For more information about how you or your organization can get involved in helping out with this year's "8-Bit Salute", check out OperationSupplyDrop.org.


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Your title is broken.

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Title wasn't "broken", just missing a letter. I fixed it.

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