Early Alpha Buy-In for Prison Architect Generates Nearly $8 Million in Sales

Introversion's alpha for its prison simulation game, Prison Architect has managed to generate almost $8 million in early funding, according to the UK-based developer. Introversions says that more than 250,000 users have downloaded the alpha version of the game.

The money was generated as part of an early funding program that Introversion put in place. It allowed consumers to play the game while it is being developed with the promise of a final build of the game when development is complete and the game is widely released to the public.

"This investment by our alpha customers is enabling us to turn Prison Architect into the game we envisioned without having to make any creative sacrifices or cut any corners – this is the very reason we're proud to be independent," said Introversion.

The standard alpha pack sells for $30, but Introversion offered some higher-priced tiers much like a Kickstarter or Indiegogo fundraising campaign, such as a $10,000 deal that places the customer in the game as a character.

The game, which is heavily influenced by such games as Sim Hospital, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper, charges players with managing a prison and its prisoners as all sorts of financial and harrowing social situations crop up. You can learn more about the game at www.introversion.co.uk.

Source: GII

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