ECA’s Extra Life Marathon in Pictures

Over the weekend a core group from Team ECA based out of our headquarters in Wilton, Connecticut, spent 23 hours setting up and playing video games to support the Extra Life charity. They managed to contribute a substantial amount of the $3,200 in total donations (so far, donations are still coming in) for the Connecticut Children’s Hospital and the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in Westchester, NY – both Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

That core team (pictured above, starting from the left in the back row) included Zach "the guy with no last name," Horacio Ciribelli, Eric Miller, Dylan Ryan, Alex Wisdom, and Harry Halpin. In the middle is Alex Ligget and in the front of the group is team captain Patrick Burns. Joe Piera was also part of the team but is not pictured above. This core group played a lot of Halo 3 on a LAN across 8 TVs and one giant projection screen TV. They also played other Halo games, Minecraft, and a special Halo custom game mode called "presidents" created by Patrick Burns (gamertag 9Burnzinator).

While the core team from ECA headquarters raised a lot of money as a group, other members of Team ECA helped out by hosting their own marathons including Andrew Eisen, Sean Ferguson, Chastity Irazarry, Jose Bentancourt, James Fudge, Mark Ebberts, Gerard Williams, Blake Friesen, Aaron Hartong, Leslie Guzman, Susan Stuart, David Brown, and John Sherman.

Their 18 hour marathon was broadcast over Twitch during the weekend, but if you missed it you can check out some photos from the event on the ECA's official Facebook page.

If you didn't donate but feel compelled to do so now, please visit the ECA's Extra Life page and make a donation. It's for a good cause. Also thanks to Gunnar and Plantronics for their donations!


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