'Hot Mess' Rejected by Apple for Partially Naked 8-Bit Characters Kissing

November 6, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Atlanta-based indie game developer Secret Library can't seem to catch a break from Apple. It submitted its retro 8-bit iOS game Hot Mess to the App store and had it rejected because it contained animated naked people kissing. In Hot Mess players step into the shoes of a firefighting robot who goes haywire and mistakes the burning passion of romance as the flames that burns down houses. He thinks couples kissing is dangerous and therefore tries to hose them down to avoid fires...

Hoping to get the game approved, they put white space on the naughty body parts and resubmitted the game, but Apple rejected it again, noting that the game didn't meet the App Store rules and regulations because it contained what was still deemed crude content.

App Store rule 16.1, states that apps must not feature "highly objectionable" or "crude" content, which of course is at the discretion of Apple. Despite adding the underwear, Apple still ruled that the game contained crude content.

Apple ultimately sent them a note on their latest submission, saying "We noticed your app displays a barely dressed couple kissing."

Secret Library says that it will not give up on getting the game in the App store, despite the setbacks.

"Our plan is to slowly and awkwardly clothe our 8-bit lovers in some bizarre digital re-enactment of the 'walk of shame,'" designer Nick Ralabate said.

Source: Pocket Gamer by way of Escapist


Re: 'Hot Mess' Rejected by Apple for Partially Naked 8-Bit ...

Seems like Apple is 'retro' too. Strange that a company that revolutionized technology at the turn of the 21st Century is mired in a sexually represssed culture that reflects the values of the 19th Century.

Re: 'Hot Mess' Rejected by Apple for Partially Naked 8-Bit ...

Apple never revolutionized anything in the past 2 decades but new ways of convincing stupid people to spend double for second rate hardware.

Re: 'Hot Mess' Rejected by Apple for Partially Naked 8-Bit ...

I came to work today in shorts and a t-shirt. I guess that means I'm only partially dressed? I wonder if my boss will say anything?

It's actually quite funny how men can wear as little as speedos and women a bikini and you're not considered undressed. But kiss someone and suddenly you considered half naked. Oh, humanity, you simple dickhead.

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