Poll Results: Has a Video Game Ever Scared You?

Last week we asked our readers if they had "ever found a video game legitimately scary?" After 541 votes were cast the majority of readers said that they had in fact been scared by one or more games at one time or another. Around 73 percent (395 votes) said that they had played a video game that they found legitimately scary, while 27 percent (146 votes) claimed that they had never played a video game that scared them. Almost a third of our readers are tough as nails, apparently.

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. Normally I'd direct you to a discussion on the poll in the latest episode of the Super Podcast Action Committee, but the show has been delayed this week by a number of time constraints, technical issues and recovery time associated with participating in Extra Life charity marathons over the weekend. We should have that up soon.

In the interim, you can vote on our new poll about the Nintendo Wii U's prospects during the holiday shopping season on the main page.

Image © 2013 Shutterstock.com.

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