SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! Released

GlassLab has released SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge!, an educational game built using EA's SimCity to educate students in America about important issues. GlassLab collaborated with ETS, Pearson, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), and Electronic Arts to create the game-based classroom tool that uses elements from the SimCity franchise to engage students in real-world challenges.

SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! will also be showcased November 14, at the fifth annual Washington Ideas Forum – a Washington D.C. gathering of U.S. policymakers and industry innovators, presented by The Atlantic, the Aspen Institute, and the Newseum.

"There is a significant engagement gap in today's classroom – students spend 10 hours a day consuming digital media but only four hours a week on homework," said Jessica Lindl, General Manager of GlassLab. "Taking the essential elements of games, we've created an educational tool that will keep students excited and engaged in real-world problem solving, while providing teachers with actionable reports aligned to standards."

"When we launched the reimagined SimCity, we always knew it had the potential to be used in a capacity beyond entertainment," said Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer, EA. "Seeing SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! come to life in the classroom and encouraging the next generation of leaders to solve today's real-world challenges is truly inspiring."

SimCityEDU: Pollution Challenge! is available for download today by school administrators, educators, students and parents at


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