Massive Updates Hit Console and Mobile Versions of Terraria

505 Games has spruced up the console and mobile versions of the hit PC game Terraria. The company, which publishes the iOS, Android, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, announced updates for all versions of the game in one way or another. iOS and Android Terraria owners can now play against each other or cooperatively thanks to Wi-Fi multiplayer support for up to four players. This update also includes code fixes and the ability to directly drop items into the world from the inventory bar.

An update for the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game gives players a glimpse of what they have been missing out on in the PC version after it was updated with the 1.2 update.

The update adds a dozen new items and recipes, along with two completely new armor sets, additional light sources and building blocks, twenty new monsters, eight new zombie enemies and six new demon eye variants. The title update also addresses performance improvements from the original console release. You can get the full list of changes and editions here.

505 Games also announced that Terraria will be coming to Windows Phone 8 "soon," and that console versions of the game will get the full 1.2 update "early next year."


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