Report: If Stephen Elop Were CEO of Microsoft He’d Consider Shutting Down Xbox, Bing

A new report from Bloomberg reveals that one of the candidates to replace former CEO Steve Ballmer wouldn't think twice about making major changes to the company if necessary – including shutting down major divisions to refocus the company like Bing and Xbox.

Nokia's Stephen Elop (one of four candidates allegedly on the company's shortlist) would make major changes to the company if he were named CEO. Citing three people with knowledge of Elop's opinions and thinking on Microsoft's business, the Bloomberg report concludes that the executive would shift the company's focus to its Office productivity software and would expand it beyond the Windows ecosystem to competitor platforms including Android and iOS.

Elop would also reportedly be open to the idea of selling or shutting down some of Microsoft's biggest operations to improve its focus including the Bing search engine and the Xbox brand.

Responding to the report, a Microsoft spokesperson brushed it off with a zinger:

"We appreciate Bloomberg's foray into fiction and look forward to future episodes."

Source: GII

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