Report: If Stephen Elop Were CEO of Microsoft He’d Consider Shutting Down Xbox, Bing

A new report from Bloomberg reveals that one of the candidates to replace former CEO Steve Ballmer wouldn't think twice about making major changes to the company if necessary – including shutting down major divisions to refocus the company like Bing and Xbox.

Nokia's Stephen Elop (one of four candidates allegedly on the company's shortlist) would make major changes to the company if he were named CEO. Citing three people with knowledge of Elop's opinions and thinking on Microsoft's business, the Bloomberg report concludes that the executive would shift the company's focus to its Office productivity software and would expand it beyond the Windows ecosystem to competitor platforms including Android and iOS.

Elop would also reportedly be open to the idea of selling or shutting down some of Microsoft's biggest operations to improve its focus including the Bing search engine and the Xbox brand.

Responding to the report, a Microsoft spokesperson brushed it off with a zinger:

"We appreciate Bloomberg's foray into fiction and look forward to future episodes."

Source: GII

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    Monte says:

    I'm not even sure if nintendo really considers themselves competition. I mean with the Wii it felt like nintendo's strategy was to avoid directly compete with Xbox or PS, and instead try to fill the niche they leave behind. I feel what made the Wii such a success was that it was much cheaper than other consoles making it easier to afford both it AND one of the other two, and the fact that it provided gaming drastically unlike what you could find on PS and Xbox. As long as that remained true, many gamers would try to own both a Wii and one of the other two consoles. This is unlike the competition between PS and Xbox which were trying to beat each other out and get people to choose one or the other.

    Though i doubt MS would just drop the Xbox brand… more likely they would try to sell it to someone else, meaning someone else would use the xbox's pre-existing user base to fast tract their way to becoming a console maker. I could imagine a publisher like EA making such a move; though i might also think google would be interested in the idea of moving into consoles if it could ride on Xbox's coattails, instead of having to build their own brand. xbox won't die; instead it would come under new management

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    Cecil475 says:

    And if EA gets it, the XBOX will really be no good. It will be that DRM riddled paradise that they love so much, that hopefully enough people will avoid like the plague.

     – W

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    You hit the nail right in the head. If the Xbox were for sale Nintendo would be foolish to not bid. There is a reason the PS Controller looks like an old SNES style
    Controller. It’s because Nintendo backed out of a deal for the SNES-CD so Somy instead of abandoning years of work they went forward with their product. Even EA might try to bid on the Xbox.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    Google Docs is the closest thing to compete with Office and Google Docs is constantly getting better and might soon replace office. Microsoft as it is now is being irrelevant with its terrible Windows 8 and products and staff members who keep pushing bad ideas no one likes but after that product dies like a Virus it goes an infects another division in Microsoft. Office is far from irrelevant but with fewer people buying Windows as it is they need to expand to other devices.

    I love Google and I feel they make some amazing programs and software but what makes them extra better is they are willing to expand to other platforms. Google wished to pay Apple 1 billion to keep it as the default search engine for the iPhone and they also make some of their top programs on their competition.

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    Longjocks says:

    "…shift the company's focus to its Office productivity software and would expand it beyond the Windows ecosystem to competitor platforms including Android and iOS."

    Having that happen would instantly gain them a decent market share, i.e. being the only app that would reliably render Office files properly. There's nothing on iOS or Android that does this and the closest thing I've found actually converts them into a PDF file rather than you being able to open and edit them as normal documents.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    There is a couple of interesting points here people seem to be missing.

    • "Earlier this week, investors drove Microsoft shares to their highest price since mid-2000, after Nomura Holdings Inc. analyst Rick Sherlund said the sale of Bing and Xbox, along with other moves, could lift fiscal 2015 earnings by 40 percent"

    Keyword here being sale. I doubt anyone in the gaming industry would pass and say they would not pay money to own the rights to the Xbox console. In a case like this EA or another major publisher like SEGA or even Nintendo could buy the rights to the Xbox and make this an interesting situation.

    The Xbox has never been much of a money-maker and even a rich company such as Microsoft can last for only so long till it has to take its product off of life support. Though the Xbox 360 was popular due to Sony of Japan botching the PS3 launch the Xbox 360 released all off its launch units and units for what three or four years as all defective?

    Bing let's face it is an upgraded version of Yahoo… Plus unknown to many users Bing has a ton of contracts to make it top dog. For example they started a campaign with Gigwalk years ago to go into businesses and take panorama photos.

    Windows 8 also is a huge failure with the Windows Phone…they know this but they keep releasing stuff like Messenger For Windows Live with fewer features and eventually killing it. Microsoft as it is now needs a huge shake up in the staff.

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