Poll Results: How Will the Wii U Fare this Holiday Season?

Last week we asked our readers how they thought the Wii U would fare this holiday season. Around 355 total votes were cast, with a slight majority of participants saying that the Wii U will be ignored more so now that the PS4 and Xbox One are out.

Around 29 percent of voters said that the Wii U will be mostly ignored in the long shadow of the PS4 and Xbox One. The PS4 releases on Nov. 15, while the Xbox One hits retail on Nov. 22. Around 25 percent of voters said the Wii U will do better at retail than it has been in the recent past but it will still be considered a failure. Another 23 percent think that Nintendo is going to turn things around on the system by year's end.

Around 16 percent of voters believe Nintendo is dead in the water, while seven percent see no change in the Wii U's current standing at retail.

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. Admittedly it wasn't up as long as it could have been but we appreciate people taking time to vote. There will be no discussion of the poll on this week's (or next week's podcast) because of technical difficulties. Look for a new poll very soon!

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