Analyst: PS4 Will 'Comfortably Outsell Xbox One Over the Next Four Years

November 12, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

According to research firm IHS, Sony's PlayStation 4 will "comfortably" outsell the Xbox One over the next four years. IHS head of games research Piers Harding-Rolls forecasts that, while both systems will be "neck and neck in terms of sales during the launch period, Sony's system will pull ahead significantly by the end of 2017. Harding-Rolls predicts 2.4 million PS4 unit sales by the end of 2013, and 2.2 million Xbox One sales.

"IHS expects existing geographical brand allegiance to continue with Xbox One outselling PS4 in North America, and PS4 outselling Xbox One across Europe combined."

Overall the analyst predicts 49 million PS4 sales by the end of 2017, compared to 38 million Xbox One sales.

"IHS believes that Sony's wider geographical brand allegiance - especially across continental Europe and Japan - will be decisive in allowing PS4 to outsell Xbox One on a global basis by the end of 2017," Harding-Rolls said. "We also believe that both Sony and Microsoft will continue to benefit from Nintendo's Wii U weak sales, with some past Wii users adopting the latest consoles instead of upgrading to Wii U."

Sony will launch the PS4 on Nov. 15 for a price of $400, while Microsoft will launch the Xbox One on Nov. 22, 2013 in 13 markets for $500.

Source: CVG


Re: Analyst: PS4 Will 'Comfortably Outsell Xbox One Over the ...

Hey I'm good at making up numbers with no factual basis, how can I get one of these analyst jobs?

Re: Analyst: PS4 Will 'Comfortably Outsell Xbox One Over the ...

So, what's the score on analysts that have said the PS4 will win vs. One will win?

I think a coin is better at the moment.


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