London Man Arrested for Sharing Explicit Material with Minor While Playing Video Games

According to a report in Blackburn News, London Police have arrested a man who shared sexually explicit material with a Tennessee teen – and he did it while playing an unnamed game with him.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in Franklin, Tennessee alerted police in London, England that a youth within their jurisdiction was allegedly engaged by an adult male living in London. They claimed that the offenses occurred while the two were playing online video games. According to Blackburn News, the London Police Cyber Crime unit searched a Baseline Road West home on Nov. 8 and arrested 38-year-old Jason Greenwood.

Greenwood has been charged with "telecommunication with person under or believed under 18 years for specific criminal offenses," making "available sexually explicit material to person under or believed under 18 years," and "two counts of possession of child pornography."

Further details on the case have not been disclosed. The victim was not identified due to his age.

Source: Blackburn News

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