PSA: Download That PS4 Day-One Update Early

If you are one of the millions of consumers that pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 or plan on standing in a line at a retailer in the early hours of Nov. 15 to get one, then Sony has some good advice for you: you don't have to wait to get the PS4 1.5 firmware update.

The PlayStation Blog is offering detailed instructions on how to download it today using a computer connected to the Internet, a USB drive and a little bit of setup. Once you've downloaded it and put it on your USB drive in the proper fashion, you can use it when you have finally set up that shiny new PS4 system.

You can find detailed instruction on the entire process here. While doing it the old fashioned way probably won't take that much time, it's better to be safe than sorry because Sony's network is going to have a ton of traffic on Nov. 15…

Source: Kotaku


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