What You Can Do With a PS Plus Subscription on PS4

Eurogamer offers an important rundown of what you get when you pay for a PlayStation Plus subscription. Sony announced earlier in the year that PS4 owners who want to play multiplayer would have to have a PS Plus subscription. So what are the benefits of having one, and what can you do on your PS4 without one? According to Eurogamer, the benefits of having a PS Plus membership include access to free games as part of the Instant Game Collection (which includes launch titles Resogun and Contrast), the ability to save 1GB of saves via the cloud, multiplayer game access, early access to exclusive game content, and discounts on games in the PlayStation Store.

But if you can't afford to subscribe to Plus right out of the gate, or you simply don't want to pay for it, you can still access entertainment services without Plus (Netflix, Crackle, etc.), share gameplay video and screenshots to social media and streaming services (Facebook, Twitter, Ustream or Twitch) play PS4 games via PS Vita remotely and access various PSN services such as the PS Store, Friends List, use the Web browser, etc.

Source: Eurogamer

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