Football Manager 2013 Downloaded Illegally 10.1 Million Times This Year

Football Manager GM Miles Jacobson said recently (as reported by MCV) at the London Games Conference 2013 event that 10.1 million copies of the PC version of Football Manager 2013 have been illegally downloaded. The game was cracked on May 12, but the crack featured a strange flaw called Home that allowed Jacobson and his company to track the IP addresses of everyone who downloaded the game illegally and played it.

IP addresses from China account for 3.2 million of those illegal downloads, followed by Turkey with 1.05 million downloads, Portugal with 781,785 downloads, and Italy with 547,000 downloads. One download apparently came from the Vatican.

Jacobson went on to say during his on-stage presentation that he does not believe that one pirated game equals one lost sale.

"That would be ridiculous to think," he said.

But based on the drop in activations, he estimated that all of those illegal downloads cost his company 176,000 sales. He also said that about 1.74 percent of illegal downloaders would potentially purchase the game had no crack been made available. He estimated that his company could have generated $3.7 million in revenue. That revenue, he claims, would have been spent on hiring new team members.

He told the audience that sales dropped off heavily once the game was cracked. He also said that 18 percent of people who downloaded the game illegally played it five times or more.

Jacobson ended his presentation by saying that little can be done about piracy, but hopes that by releasing this information it can help publishers and developers understand the true nature or piracy's impact.

Source: MCV

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