Kickstarter Campaign Launched for ‘So Many Me’

A crowd-funding campaign has been launched for an interesting puzzle game called So Many Me. So Many Me is described by developer Extend Studios as a 2D puzzle-platformer inspired by the best games in the genre and its own games like A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda (Steam and XBLA) and Jigsaw Mansion (iPad).

Players jump into the skin of a green blob named Filo who has the ability to control his many, many clones which he calls "me." These clones possess a number of abilities that can be used to solve the many puzzles throughout the game. Filo’s adventure is set in a fantastical world, brought to life using an art style that combines adorable characters with the world’s "mysterious atmosphere," according to Extend.

Extend Studios is looking to raise a meager $22,000 to bring the game to life on the PC, Mac, and Linux. If the Kickstarter campaign surpasses the $22,000 goal (and meets milestone to be determined at a later time), Extend Studios will add more chapters to the game; port it to the Wii U, PS Vita, and PS4; add a costume editor; a time trial mode; and leaderboards.

You can back that game on its Kickstarter page or watch the pitch video to your left.

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