Kickstarter for Political Thriller ‘1979 Revolution: Black Friday’ Launches

Former Rockstar Games developer Navid Khonsari and multimedia company iNK Stories have launched a crowd-funding campaign for the politically-themed action adventure game, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. Set during the 1979 revolution that saw Iran's leadership shift to a hard-line Islamic state, 1979 Revolution promises a game with a mature narrative, new media storytelling elements (historical assets, documentary content, graphic novel cinematics) and suspenseful and engaging gameplay. The game is being natively designed for the tablet, which allows it to be "accessible to a wider audience."

The game is also interesting because Khonsari has been called a spy by Iranian media and was forced to flee the country for fear that he would be arrested and thrown in jail.

"With a dynamic slate of advisors (premiere political analysts and scholars), talent (actors like Homeland’s Navid Neghaban and Argo’s Farshad Farahat) and worldwide supporters, we are grateful to see that 1979 Revolution is proving to be more than a passion project, or just another game – but a movement for gamers, tech lovers, educators and wide audiences alike," the company wrote on its Kickstarter page.

You can learn more about the game on Kickstarter or watch the pitch video to your left. They have raised $20,133 of their $395,000 goal with 32 more days to go.

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