Comic Relief: Telegraph’s Tips for Beating Game Addiction

I'm not sure if this Telegraph article on game addiction is supposed to be some kind of Onion-esque comedy bit, but it sure reads like one. In it the author offers five tips for beating your game addiction.

Putting aside that fact that game addiction (and Internet addiction for that matter) is not a real recognized addiction like gambling is by mental health professionals around the world, the article offers such wonderful tips as:

1) Time Yourself.

Yes, the author suggests that you pay attention to how long you play a particular game every day. If you are playing upwards of 24 hours a week, you might be an addict, he notes.

He goes on to offer two other tips to derail your game experience:

2) Read a walkthrough.

3) Find some cheats. By doing both these things, you can sabotage your game experience. On walkthroughs he notes:

"The game should become much more boring, as it will no longer hold any surprises, and the game will be over for you."

As for cheating, he notes:

"Be it flying a tank on Grand Theft Auto, or unlocking so-called “God modes” on James Bond Goldeneye, where you can summon any weapon in the game, cheating is guaranteed to break your addiction."

Tip #4 forces you to ask yourself how many real world friends you have compared to virtual ones:

4) Look around: are your friends real, or virtual?

And #5 is just as helpful:

5) Start playing games with your friends, not alone.

"Although you will want to play for as long as is possible, providing your friends are not addicted, there will come a point where they get bored, and they will force you to do something else."

Lovely advice. You can check out the entire article here.

It's good for a laugh at least. No doubt this piece is filler until some teenager commits a crime in the UK that can tenuously be connected to Grand Theft Auto, Manhunt, or Call of Duty…

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