The Indie Strategy Bundle in a Box Launches

The latest Bundle in a Box offers a bunch of nifty indie strategy and war games for PC and mobile platforms for a low, low price – and DRM-free. The bundle includes Us & Them – Cold War, Storm Over The Pacific, AI War: Fleet Command, Creeper World, Strategic War in Europe, The Trouble With Robots, Age of Conquest III, and Droidscape: Basilica.

You can pay as little as $0.99 for all these titles, but if you pay more than the current average price of $4.94 you'll get Mayhem Intergalactic, Project Aftermath, Fall Weiss, Creeper World 2, and AI War: The Zenith Remnant.

Extra content includes Trouble With Robots Wallpapers, Droidscape: Basilica OST, Trouble With Robots Soundtrack, Project Aftermath Art, Trouble With Robots Deleted Scenes, and the AI War Prototype.

Five percent of the proceeds go to charities including To Perivolaki (The Little Garden) and the Indie Dev Grant.

You can learn more about the bundle at


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