Video: Insane Man Smashes His PS4 Outside of a Montreal Best Buy

We are not sure if the man in this video shot outside a Montreal Best Buy is pulling an elaborate prank, is genuinely angry about something or is simply out of his flipping mind, but it provides the official "WTF" moment of the day. If you watch the video to your left you'll see a man appear in the frame suddenly go berserk with what we assume is a freshly purchased PlayStation 4. He angrily tears at the console's box, raises it over his head and slams it on to the pavement.

I am pretty sure his warranty doesn't cover THAT.

Thanks to MONTREALITY for sending this in…

Happy PS4 launch day?

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    Mr.Tastix says:

    I wouldn't call someone "insane" for what is probably a hoax. Hell, even if it is real I don't see the justification in calling someone "insane" without knowing any backstory.

    He doesn't walk out from the Best Buy the line is in front of, meaning that object could be literally anything.

    But hey, how can you sensationalize bullshit without making up some bullshit, right?

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    GrimCW says:

    I dunno I still feel that about my PS3 to this day I find it usefull as not much more than a blu-ray player and multi media device for my TV….

    but at the time it was worth it since it went 3D and other blu ray players couldn't.

    Very few titles aside for its exclusives, I didn't find much enjoyment in it, and TBH Socom 4 sucked balls…

    Still haven't smashed it into the pavement though.

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    evilmatt says:

    He’s probably just noticed the launch games line-up his shiny new toy offers. If I’d spent all that money on nothing but a blu-ray player I’d be pretty miffed too 😛

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    GrimCW says:

    This by a long shot.

    There were a load of these people that did the same during the PS3/360 launches, so its no surprise we'd see them again for the PS4/Bone.

    Just idiots seeking 15 seconds of fame, and getting it of course.

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    Neeneko says:

    I suspect either a publicity stunt or a rather expensive trolling.

    Also I am a little confused, it looked like guards were opening the place to start letting people in, but the person is walking in from another direction with the prop.   So some kind of intentional staging, but for what purpose I have no idea.

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