Poll Results: Will Reselling Disc-Based PS4 Games Be a Hassle?

Last week in our poll we asked readers, "Will Reselling Disc-Based PS4 Games Be a Hassle?" Only 176 votes were cast, showing that many of you seemed not to care one way or the other. Of those who did vote, well over half of you (54 percent, or 93 votes) said that you believe what Sony told you (during its E3 press conference in June) about used games and the ability to sell them unencumbered, while the rest (46 percent, or 80 votes) believe what Sony said about the topic in its updated Terms of Service for the PlayStation Entertainment Network.

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week's poll. You can listen to an extended discussion on the poll in Episode 77 of the Super Podcast Action Committee podcast.

Look for a new poll soon.

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