EA, Sony Execs Say Nice Things About Used Games

Are big publishers finally turning a corner on trying to tame the used games market? If you believe some Sony and Electronic Arts executives this week, it sounds like they are finally acknowledging that the used games market is an important part of the video games ecosystem. Yesterday Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House told Game Informer that used games sales generally go back into buying new games.

"I’ve seen data that the vast majority of used sales go immediately into additional purchases, that they are not somehow being extracted from the overall game economy," Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House told Game Informer.

House went on to say that the truth is somewhere in the middle of the debate on the impact of used games on game creators versus the important needs of consumers.

Today EA CFO and executive VP Blake Jorgensen told investors that used games are an important part of the industry.

"I also think that used games are an important part of the industry," Jorgenson said after describing the way consumers can download and start playing digital content on next-gen consoles. "People think about the price of a game based on the fact that they can still return that game and they need a physical disk to do that. And so that will probably keep the physical business around for some period of time as well."

So there you have it; used games are now getting long warm hugs from big wigs in the games industry and perhaps at some point soon the debate about their impact on the industry will be in the rear view mirror.

Source: MCV

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