Seven World of Warplanes Players Conquer Everest

Wargaming sent out an interesting announcement this afternoon about seven men who climbed Mount Everest and "sort of" claimed it in the name of their favorite online game… Seven World of Warplanes players have tackled the treacherous slopes of the Himalayas and celebrated by planting a very special flag on its highest peak.

The Everest expedition made up of Russian and Ukrainian men, who are also avid World of Warplanes players and fans, spent over a month climbing the treacherous terrain, eventually reaching an altitude of 5000 meters. The group celebrated the official launch of the flight combat MMO action game by setting up the World of Warplanes flag on one of the Himalayan peaks.

"Although it’s not the first time we’ve climbed in the Himalayas, this expedition has been an amazing and special journey for us all," said team leader Arseniy Gerasimenko. "We’ve broken several new trails, which was a hard, but satisfying experience. On our way upward, we stopped to get some rest and play World of Warplanes."

You can learn more about the flight combat MMO action game set in the Golden Age of military aviation by visiting

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