Some Xbox One Users Reporting Disc Drive Issues

According to several YouTube videos being made public today, frustrated Xbox One owners who have just purchased the shiny new console are having disc read errors. Several Xbox One buyers have reported disc drive issues, though just how widespread this issue is is unknown at this time.

In most of the videos, Xbox One owners pop in game discs only to find that the systems' drives don't work. Then, as documented by at least four different YouTube videos, there's a loud grinding noise that will make you wince.

You can check out one of those videos to your left, but Kotaku has three more videos showing basically the same problem occurring. You can check those out here.

Microsoft has not publicly commented on this story. We'll update this story as more information becomes available.

Thanks to PHX-Corp for the tip.

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    olstar18 says:

    I think its to soon to say that it was because of it bein rushed. It could just be a case of 'defects happen.' If it turns out that these defects are widespread like the red ring of death was it will be a different matter.

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    Guamish says:

    Not hard to believe that both systems were rushed to go for the Xmas shopping season. However manufacturing defects always happen. We'll just have to wait and see the numbers to know if it was a huge manufacturing flub. 

    I have never been a fan of buying systems at launch because of 1st run issues. Also the controller shortages and lack of game selection at launch is another put off.


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