Sony Congratulates Microsoft on Xbox One Launch

Just as Microsoft did last week when Sony launched the PS4, Sony has congratulated Microsoft on its launch of the Xbox One today. Sony's official PlayStation Twitter account offered the following congratulatory message to Microsoft and its Xbox team:

"Congrats, @Xbox @Microsoft! #NextGeneration #GreatnessAwaits"

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida also sent a congratulatory tweet to Microsoft's Phil Spencer, Phil Harrison, Major Nelson and Albert Penello:

"Congratulations @XboxP3 @MrPhilHarrison @majornelson @albertpenello on the global launch of Xbox One! 😀 @amboyes"

While a war is about to take place between these two companies about which system is better, these congratulatory tweets back and forth over the last week show that everyone involved are – at their core – decent people.


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