Poll Results: Will the Xbox One Suffer Hardware Failures?

Last week we asked our readers, "Will the Xbox One Suffer Hardware Failures?" Around 436 votes were cast, with the majority of respondents voting giving Microsoft the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, according to this report, there ARE some serious launch day problems with the Xbox One, though so far it seems to be a small amount of consumers if you consider that the company claims to have sold a million units already. Around 50 percent of the votes cast went to the option, "Yes but nowhere near as bad as the Xbox 360."

Around 32 percent (141 votes) went for the very dramatic choice, "Yes! It’s going to be the Red Ring of Death all over again!" Finally, 18 percent (77 votes) went to the option "Nah, Microsoft learned its lesson and made solid hardware this time." We're not sure that they have learned their lesson, if you believe early reports.

For a more in-depth discussion on the latest poll, check out the latest episode of Super Podcast Action Committee.

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    merely_justin says:

    Once bitten, twice shy. If they released the X1 with the same sort of catastrophic hardware failures the 360 suffered then they should have just cut their losses and packed up shop. Thankfully this time around it isn't that bad…so far.

    New hardware always has some units which malfunctions. It sucks for the people who get them, but it is life and it it is part of the risk you take being an early adopter.

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    Neo_DrKefka says:

    I am going to have to echo this post into a couple of articles about the same subject.

    Microsoft has had a track record since the 90s of 'Release now Patch later' and with the Xbox 360 they rushed released a defective system. Only reason Microsoft took the lead in the last generation because of Sony's horrible PS3 launch which told us to literally get a second job to afford the Playstation 3 and that the PS3 has the ability to block used game sales (That it never used).

    This gave Microsoft the edge but after years of consumer abuse by Microsoft by forcing you to call in and cancel Xbox Live to the Indian Call Center and using the web site which it turned on and off forcing you to call in and then still charging you people like me made the switch back to Sony.

    So looks like Microsoft has released another defective system with a PS3 style launch that has doomed the Xbox One.


    Also, one of the possible incoming CEO's for MS wants to get rid of Bing, Xbox, and make Office on all major non-Windows systems. Xbox when you think about it is a failure like Windows 8 and its one of the major things those who want to control the company to sell off.

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