Turbine Settles Lawsuit with Treehouse Avatar Technologies

We have learned two things this week about Treehouse Avatar Technologies. Inc.: first, they are owned by a publicly traded Canadian company called – Wi-LAN Inc. (TSX:WIN, NASDAQ:WILN) and that the company has settled its lawsuit with Turbine. Apparently rather than fighting the accusations that Turbine violated its software patents the makers of D&D Online and The Lord of the Rings Online have opted to enter into a licensing agreement with the firm.

"As a result of this agreement, pending litigation between Treehouse and Turbine will be dismissed," read part of a press release issued by Wi-Lan last week.

You may recall earlier this year that Treehouse Avatar sent out "feeler" letters to a number of mall indie developers hinting that they might be violating some of the company's patents related to online gaming. Nothing – to our knowledge – has become of those letters, but it certainly spooked the individuals who received them.

Treehouse sued Turbine in October of 2012 over its alleged violation of United States Patent No. 8,180,858, which covers a "Method And System For Presenting Data Over A Network Based On Network User Choices And Collecting Real-Time Data Related To Said Choices." At the time Turbine denied the claim(s). You can read the original filing here (PDF).

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