Crazy Like a Fox or Just Plain Crazy: The Xbox One Punching Fix

Is this next story officially the dumbest story of 2013? I don't know but it has to be in the running. Some users who bought Xbox One systems with failing disc drives say you can solve the problem by punching your console. Yes, you've read that correctly: people are so frustrated with the Xbox One that they have decided to, as Wally Cleaver liked to say (an obscure 1950's reference to the show Leave it to Beaver) "Give it the business."

The "punching fix," as people are calling it, comes from PonySeeU on Twitter, who offers the following steps (we do not endorse punching your console, for the record – ed.)

Use this method at your own risk, or better yet don't use it at all because it's kind of crazy by anyone's standards:

  1. Eject any disc you might have in the system.
  2. Unplug the Xbox One console.
  3. Turn it upside down.
  4. Place it on something soft so the case doesn’t get scratched.
  5. Give it three hard whacks on the underside right where the disc drive is.
  6. Plug it back in and give it a try.

YouTuber David Dupuis offers a demonstration of the method. You can watch that to your left.

Naturally Microsoft strongly cautions consumers to not use this method. The company says users should contact support at I would assume punching the crap out of your $500 console might void your warranty too…

Source: GamesBeat

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