Poll: Video Games Officially Had Nothing To Do With the Sandy Hook Shooting. Will That Matter?

Earlier this week, the official investigation report for the shooting at Sandy Hook was released to the public and as any rationally-thinking human being could have surmised 11 months ago, video games had precisely squat to do with it.

But will that matter?

Will the fact that the shooter was not obsessed with violent games or shooters (if anything, he was fixated on Dance Dance Revolution) end the finger pointing and quell the calls for game regulation?

Vote in the poll and let us know.  Once you've picked from one of the three impeccably crafted poll responses (and if you don't like them, EZK wrote 'em), spill your thoughts and opinions all over the conveniently provided comments section or in an email to us at SuperPACpodcast@gmail.com.  EZK and I will reveal the poll results on the next podcast.

Don't worry, you should be out of your Thanksgiving food coma by the time it's posted.

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-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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  1. 0
    Wymorence says:

    I can see it already…

    "BREAKING NEWS: Gunman murders 'x' people after playing violent game 'Pikmin' for hours on end!"

    Like most everyone (everyone?) stated already, this won't do jack to silence the voices of those who'd rather burn whatever they don't like/understand to the ground. If anything they'll claim that the game companies got to the cops and influenced the report or something.

  2. 0
    hellfire7885 says:

    Well, at best, this study will now have never happened and never be mentioned again, since they had an outcome in mind.


    At worst, the researchers will be thrown under the proverbial bus, called industry shills and be accused of taking bribes, then whoever threw them under the bus will cal lthe bus back to make sure they get run over again.

  3. 0
    hellfire7885 says:

    Hard to say. A need for a factor besides basic human nature, fear of the new and different, simply wishing to keep new or dangerous ideas from being expressed, just plane disliking anything kids are into.


    It could be just about anything.

  4. 0
    mthiel says:

    As long as people don't believe that mental illness exists in young people, and that they believe that "video games have a direct causal link with aggression" is equivalent to "when a young person commits mass murder, it is entirely caused by the entertainment he consumed", video game blaming is not going away.

  5. 0
    PHX Corp says:

    I already found out about what Piers Morgan did on his show Tuesday, both him and the lunatic forensic psychologist are nuts for blaming violent video games when the shooter played nonviolent games most of the time. It shows people just don't get it over the fact that there was no link between what the shooters video game habits and what he did at sandy hook

  6. 0
    jedidethfreak says:

    Considering Piers Morgan has already been strying to blame Left 4 Dead and Assassin's Creed 3 for what Adam Lanza did (even going so far as to get a forensic psychiatrist who works with the NYPD on the show to scream at people about how video games are the primary cause of all violence today), this poll is moot.

  7. 0
    Neeneko says:

    It would be wonderful if it was just stupid people, but sadly the psychology behind this type of reaction seems about the same across the intelligence spectrum.  It generally takes awareness of the effect AND explicitly monitoring yourself to counteract it.

  8. 0
    -Jes- says:

    It is actually well known that cold hard FACT sends (stupid) people deeper into denial more often than it enlightens them.

    Videogame blamers and other new media ambulance chasers are just a chip off the old block!

  9. 0
    Cecil475 says:

    I agree. When has the truth ever really mattered? There were people still blaming GTA for that kid killing his Grandmother, even after offical word came out that it really was an accident. And kids do accidently kill others with a loaded weapon. It's just that this particular kid just happened to be playing GTA first. All the people who truly believe that GTA and other videogames make people kill will believe it, no matter what the offical word say. They may even believe that the people giving the offical word had been bribed by the videogame industry, like all who doubted the outcome of 'Brown vs EMA'.

    All the B.S. they put out against videogames in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, only to find out, that videogames had nothing to do with it. Just like all the other shootings before it. Didn't stop them then, wont stop them now.

    – W

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