PS4 The Playroom Streaming No Longer Listed on Twitch

The party is officially over for PS4 The Playroom streaming on Twitch, according to Polygon. The game streaming services company said that it did this because the majority of content coming from the free app was not game related.

"We removed Playroom content from the directory because a majority of it was non-gaming related," the firm has told Polygon.

"We will look into adding it back as PS4 owners become more familiar with the games-only focus of Twitch content. In the meantime, you can view all of the amazing gameplay from PS4 broadcasters in this directory page on Twitch," it added.

The removal follows a wave of bans on users who had posted objectionable videos and rule-breaking content with The Playroom.

Twitch has not said if streaming from The Playroom will be listed in the future, but no doubt it is talking with Sony about this whole ordeal.

Source: Polygon

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    Sajomir says:

    I'm sorry, but any hosting site has the right to determine what they allow to be posted on their site. Twitch is perfectly entitled to allow or disallow whatever content they want.

  2. 0
    Mrxknown_JG says:

    I'm sorry, but if I am able to record myself. I should have the option to use my "entertainment box" to provide recordings to be used on Youtube, Twitch, or any hosting service I want.

    Users should not be restricted if they have ideas for legal uses for recording. Sony should provide users with non-Twitch related means to share videos

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