Star Citizen Raises $33 Million in Crowd-Funding

November 27, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Cloud Imperium's space combat and exploration simulation game continues to rake in an almost obscene amount of cash. Star Citizen is being spearheaded by Chris Roberts, the man behind the hit space game Wing Commander and Privateer.

It is because of his involvement with those beloved classics that this game has been able to surpass $33 million in funding. In turn this new funding milestone has unlocked the Anvil Carrack and the Drake Herald ships for backers, according to an announcement by developer Chris Roberts made in an official blog post.

The Anvil Carrack is an exploration craft offering reinforced fuel tanks for extended space exploration, an advanced jump drive array and computer core room for faster travel. The Drake Herald is a small, stealthy armored ship featuring advanced encryption software and an armored computer core.

For more information on this new milestone and the new ships unlocked this week, check out

Source: Polygon

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Re: Star Citizen Raises $33 Million in Crowd-Funding

Five times more crowdfunding as Planetary Annihilation, not even a percentile as much actual game footage to show for it.

You'll forgive me for withholding applause until that shows any sign of changing.

Re: Star Citizen Raises $33 Million in Crowd-Funding

I keep crossing my fingers that this might actually give EvE a bit of competition.   At least they seem to be getting the cash to make a good go of it.

Re: Star Citizen Raises $33 Million in Crowd-Funding

The Drake Herald isn't unlocked until $35m is achieved, he was just introducing the next step after the other funding goals as the winner.

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