The Video Game Bundle 2.0 Offers Nine eBooks for $10

Do you like video games? How about books? How about a bunch of books for as little as $3.00 about video games? If you said yes to any of those questions then you might want to check out the Video Game Bundle 2.0, which features six books for $3.00 including 'Dreamcast Worlds' by Zoya Street; 'Vaporware' by Richard Dansky; 'Kill Screen Issue #1: No Fun' by Kill Screen Magazine; 'The Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures' edited by Kurt Kalata; 'Kill Screen Issue #7: The Great Outdoors' by Kill Screen Magazine; and 'Blue Wizard is About to Die' by Seth Barkan.

Paying $10 or more will get you three additional books including 'Replay: The History of Video Games' by Tristan Donovan; 'Rise of the Video Game Zinesters' by Anna Anthropy; and 'A Slow Year' (playable game and accompanying ebook) by Ian Bogost.

The Video Game Bundle 2.0 is curated by game industry veteran Simon Carless and is available in PC and Mac formats. All of the books are DRM-free and if you want to support some great charities you can do so when deciding what to play. This bundle's charities of choice are Girls Write Now and MightyWriters.

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