EA: PS4 and Xbox One Will Have Shorter Life Cycles

EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Soderlund predicts that the life cycle of the newest consoles from Sony and Microsoft will not be as long as the last console cycle (which has not ended yet) Soderlund says that he expects the PS4 and Xbox One console cycle to last for five to six years. Soderlund, who is in charge of EA's console and PC games development, also said that the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation "may have gone on a little bit longer than I would have wanted."

"At the same time, you have seen games like The Last of Us and GTA V at the end of a cycle which perhaps you would not have expected a few years ago," he added. "But a five, six year gap is what I expect going forward."

Microsoft launched Xbox 360 eight years ago, and Sony launched PS3 seven years ago. On Thursday, PlayStation UK boss Fergal Gara also suggested that the PS4 lifecycle might be shorter than that of the PS3 in certain markets.

"I think there's reason to believe that the next cycle might be shorter in markets such as the UK," he said. "It's probably a sign of the times and how much has changed in seven years, but I think the willingness and the appetite to pick up new technology fast has probably changed quite a bit."

Source: CVG

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