Eve Online Offering 99 Cent Memberships Today

CCP Games is offering a one-day "Black Friday" deal for its space MMO, Eve Online. From now until Midnight PST November 30, customers who sign up for a new membership to the game will pay only 99 cents for a month's worth of time.

In addition, all users can choose one of four specialized exploration frigates: the militaristic Sukuuvestaa Heron, the regal Sarum Magnate, the sturdy Vherokior Probe, or the Inner Zone Shipping Imicus.

The deal is only available for new Eve Online accounts, which means that trial accounts and existing accounts are not eligible for this offer. Accounts created through the "EVE Online Black Friday Sale" are not eligible for participation in the affiliate program or any other promotional offer as well.

You can sign up for a new account here.


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    Longjocks says:

    I have so many mixed feelings about this game, which I won't go into, but this deal reminds me of why I haven't renewed my subscription since the initial month or two I got to play after buying some beginner pack. I can't justify the monthly cost when I only play the game casually. It's all in or not at all and there's no room for people who want to play casually. There's always plenty of these deals to give people a taste, but they seem to hope everyone will just get addicted and pay hundreds of dollars each year. Yet there's another audience out there that would love to throw money their way for a few hours a week that they're not interested in. It'd be good to buy hours which have no expiry and you can use at your own pace, then top up if you've run out and suddenly feel like a game.

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