The Mainstream Media Generation Gap on Video Games

November 29, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Gamasutra points out a video (to your left) featuring UK gamer and writer Charlie Brooker trying to explain to Channel 4's Jon Snow how to play games on the new PlayStation 4 console. The video is interesting because it shows how older people just don't understand video games, and how the media often repeats the same tired questions about violence in video games.

In the segment Snow questions Brooker about "violence" in Lego Marvel Super Heroes (during a live demo of the game), and asks Brooker to explain what Twitter has in common with Call of Duty: Ghosts (which Brooker does an admiral job of describing to the host).

Brooker also spends some time explaining what Papers, Please! is to Snow. All in all, the show is exactly what it might be like for gamers trying to explain any kind of technology to their grandparents...

Brooker's new show, How Videogames Changed the World, began airing on Channel 4 last night in the UK. You can watch the segment to your left.

Source: Gamasutra


Re: The Mainstream Media Generation Gap on Video Games

Papers, Please! is an interesting little game.  And it's half off right now on Steam!  ;)

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