Steam Hits Seven Million Concurrent Users Milestone on Sunday

December 2, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

Valve's Steam digital distribution platform managed to hit a major milestone as its biggest sale of the year continued to play out over the weekend. On Sunday, over seven million users logged in to the service concurrently as they searched for deals in the company's annual Steam Autumn Sale.

The seven million concurrent users figure is up from six million in the same period a year ago, and five million in January 2012. In October, Valve said that the most popular core PC games platform in the west had surpassed 65 million registered users, representing a 30 percent increase in active accounts from a year earlier.

In November, Valve opened a new Steam community group designed to select beta testers for the In-Home Streaming feature. Earlier in the year the company announced its plans to take over the big screen living room gaming experience with its own operating system and hardware that utilizes it.

The Steam Autumn Sale continues until December 3. Find out more about all the deals available there by visiting


Re: Steam Hits Seven Million Concurrent Users Milestone on ...

I'm surprised it isn't higher.

Re: Steam Hits Seven Million Concurrent Users Milestone on ...

The only reason it wasn't (or that it didn't happen sooner) was because the servers kept crapping on themselves before it got to that point.

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