Atlus Reveals Persona 4 Golden and Dragon’s Crown Sales Milestones

Atlus, which was recently purchased by Sega, announced this week that VanillaWare's RPG beat 'em-up Dragon's Crown has sold more than 800,000 units on PS3 and PS Vita. The publisher also announced that Persona 4 Golden has shipped 700,000 copies. Those figures include digital downloads in addition to retail sales. Persona 4 Golden is a remake of the PS2 RPG, and was released in June of this year. Dragon's Crown was released in July.

Dragon's Crown was the target of several editorials after its release that took the game to task for its "hyper-sexualized" depiction of female characters who were portrayed with ridiculously large breasts and gigantic butts. Nevertheless, the game fared pretty well and was certainly a huge hit for Atlus, who focuses on bringing niche titles from Japan to North America.

Source: GII

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