EA Donates $1.65 Million from Humble Origin Bundle to The American Cancer Society

In a tweet congratulating the team at Electronic Arts for their part in the highly successful Humble Origin Bundle, EA's Peter Moore said that the company had donated $1.65 million of the $10.5 million generated by the bundle to the American Cancer Society.

When EA, Origin, and the Humble Bundle announced the Humble Origin Bundle back in August, they said that all of EA's and Origin's profits would go to give charities – the Human Rights Campaign; Watsi; the San Francisco AIDS Foundation; the American Red Cross; or the American Cancer Society.



EA is keeping to its word on the promise to give all of its proceeds away, though it would be nice to see a breakdown of where all the money from the Origin bundle is going. Honestly, it would be nice to see (on a regular basis) just how much money is generated for charity and how much goes to developers, publishers, and the folks at Humble Bundle.

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