Stardock Reveals The ‘Stardock Staffing Company’

Gamasutra has the exclusive scoop on the Stardock Staffing Company, a new unit put together by Galactic Civilizations developer Stardock. Thaw company announced earlier this year that it had put together a multi-million dollar fund called the Stardock Investment Fund, with the goal of using it to invest in "promising, small companies."

Using part of the $35 million earmarked for the Stardock Investment Fund, the company has put together a new initiative that will help alleviate the job instability.

Now, the company has told Gamasutra it is using part of the $35 million fund to help alleviate the job instability that is so typical in the games industry, as projects ramp up and ramp down.

The Stardock Staffing Company (SSC) is made up of a small network of studios that Stardock has invested in who will utilize industry professionals who might otherwise be laid off as projects wind down. Normally a developer might be laid off when a project comes to a close, but studios within the SSC will help find someone with some down time work within the system. Those artists would still work from the studio they are already employed at so they wouldn't have to relocate to a new location.

The SSC currently serves Stardock, Mohawk, Oxide and other unannounced companies that are part of Stardock's investment fund.

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell tells Gamasutra that the idea to create SSC came from a need to retain the most experienced and talented game developers by giving them more job security.

Gamasutra has an extensive conversation with Wardell in this article about the SSC. It's worth checking out. Could this method for retaining employees become an industry standard – particularly in companies that operate multiple studios? We think so.

Source: Gamasutra

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