Humble Bundle Details How Bundle Purchasers Helped Bring Clean Drinking Water to Ethiopia

The Humble Bundle does not disclose just how much of its regular bundle sales actually goes to charity, but in a blog post this week the company offered a glimpse of how the money it helps raise through bundle sales helps charities. In the post they talk about charity: water, an organization devoted to bringing clean and safe drinking water to poorer countries.

The non-profit uses 100 percent of public donations to bring clean drinking water to countries like Ethiopia – thanks to their efforts 3,275 people in the East African nation. Around 81,457 Humble Bundle customers contribute a total of $121,780 towards charity:water, according to organizers.

"charity: water uses 100% of public donations to directly fund water projects, and then proves each project with photos and GPS data they post online," the blog post stated. "They’ve been one of our favorite partners since launch, and through your support and generosity they’ve been able to bring clean water to thousands of people in Ethiopia and Rwanda."

Humble Bundle went on to say that every cent contributed to them through the Humble Bundle store this year will fund water projects with local partner organizations in the developing world.

Not too many charities can say that 100 percent of their fund-raising goes towards the actual goal of the charity; much of it is too often used to pay salaries and deal with other administration costs.

You can learn more about charity:water here.

Source: Kotaku

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