Michael Pachter Takes a Shot at Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

Speaking at the Game Monetization USA Summit in San Francisco this week, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter said that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata should be fired for his handling of the Wii U and the company in general.

"I don't know why Iwata is still employed," Pachter said during his presentation, according to a GamesIndustry International report, adding that the Wii U’s commercial performance has been "underwhelming” and that he believed it was “possible but unlikely” that new titles could help the system to recover.

He also said that Nintendo is “missing a huge opportunity” by not releasing its portable titles on smartphones and tablets.

At the same event, Pachter said that the reason Sony is beating Microsoft is solely because of the price.

"The reason Sony beats Microsoft is solely the price," Pachter said. "Microsoft loses the next generation unless they cut price. If Microsoft drops its price to $399, I expect the sales to be equal to the PS4."

"The next generation of consoles is probably the last," he added. "We expect frequent model updates instead of new consoles. I think the PC is going to make a comeback, the PC will be the hub of all this stuff."

Source: GII

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    hellfire7885 says:

    Guess it's a bit harder to do for those of us who grew up with them and without HD stuff like Call of Duty.


    And honestly, get even half way through an old school Mario game, as well as gaining secrats, and tell me it's not hardcore.

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    Neeneko says:

    Since Nintendo dared to cater to something other then the hardcore demographic, or at minimal did not put them on a pedestal, hating on Nintendo is kinda the in thing right now.

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    IanC says:

    Funny how he, and every anti-nintendo analyst forget that the 3DS is doing really well, and it recently had the on two of Pokémon and Zelda which are, you know, selling well.

    Like kefkakrazy said, Nintendo can slog through with the Wii U if needs be. ITs doing anywhere near as bad as the Virtual Boy did (whcih lets be honest, is Nintendos one and only flop. Even the N64 and Gamecube did well,even though some people on the internet think they did poorly)

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    lomdr says:

    Well, EA and Ubisoft.  Don't forget, Zach, that for no reason the Wii U version of AC4 is lacking the DLC that the rest of the versions are getting.  Then, watch as Ubi complains about no sales on the U version.  It also says something when the CEO of Activision Publishing disagrees with EA and Ubi

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    Sora-Chan says:

    the "High Barrier", also known as The Nintendo Seal of Quality, was taken away back when the Gamecube was released because of all the third party complaints of not being able to release more games. And look where that has landed us with, all the same shovelware from the other consoles, and barely any of the good games. (EA being a good example of doing this)

    I personally think Nintendo should bring back the Nintendo Seal of Quality, without the release limit. But I do realize that it MIGHT be problematic to do that. But honestly, and slightly off track, I think all three consoles needs to start having a level of quality to be released on their systems. Have their own "Seal of Quality" or something, to get rid of all these shovelware titles, like the hastely movie or show tie-ins, that are made only to make money.

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    Sleaker says:

    I think the bigger problem is if Nintendo continues in the Wii mindset it's not going to do well.  They have consistently had high barrier of entry for 3rd party titles, and the only way gaming consoles are going to continue being profitable are by taking down the 3rd party walls (indie).

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    kefkakrazy says:

    I usually like Pachter's take on things, but I think his analysis is pretty iffy on this one, at least as far as Ninty goes.


    The Wii U is doing poorly, but the figures I've seen don't make it out to be a colossal Virtual Boy-tier flop, and Nintendo can afford to go Microsoft-mode and slog through, even if the Wii U bleeds red ink every quarter. The 3DS is just a powerhouse right now.

    Frankly, releasing on mobile would probably be the worst thing they could do. Exclusivity of Nintendo IP on Wii U and 3DS is their biggest weapon right now, not to mention the potential squandering of goodwill. Just look at Square and how much of the community faith they squandered with their forays into mobile gaming (the mediocre The After Years and the inflated prices on their ports, in particular).

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    Andrew Eisen says:

    He shouldn't be mad; he was right after all.  Nintendo did release the Wii HD, just under a slightly different name and two years later than he expected!


    Andrew Eisen

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    MechaCrash says:

    Michael Pachter is an analyst who is almost always wrong. I honestly have no idea why he still has a job, because you'd think that when your job is making predictions, someone would double check your hit rate and adjust your employment status accordingly.

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    Cecil475 says:

      Who is this idiot again?  Just reading this drivel makes me want to go out and buy a WiiU. If only  I had the money for one.


    Edit: Typing out comments on a kindle fire is impossible.

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    Monte says:

    I actually did try a few nintendo games on a tablet using an emulator… it was terrible. Without the feel of a physical button the platformers become rather difficult to play; I find that my fingers are constantly missing the buttons which lead to a lot of deaths… Tablets are good for certain types of games, but not all kinds of games. Patcher may no a thing or two about marketing and buisness, but he doesn't seem to know anything about games

    However what nintedo DOES need to do is finally release GBA games to the 3DS eshop. Really, I finally picked up a 3DS only to be very disappointed by how small the virtual console library was. Heck they gave the GBA games to the early adopters, so the games are already made, but for some reason Nintendo has not made them available on the eshop. There are many GBA games i would love to have on my 3DS… It just makes no sense that 2 years after the console was released that the GBA games are not their and the library is so small. what is nintendo waiting for?


    Another thing nintendo needs to figure out is pricing and sales. Only 3ds sales they have going on now is for like 30% of their $5 vitual console games… Not really saving a whole lot of money there, meaning its not creating a whole lot of incentive. Honestly if they followed steams example they could get people to use the eshop A LOT more often; had they offered 30% off on their 3DS titles you can be certain a lot of players would have picked them up. And Nintendo can make a nice profit off the eshop since their is no middle man; and because of the better profit they can afford to have better sales to convince gamers to use the eshop more. Heck, can you imagine what would happen if all of their 3ds games were $5-10 cheaper on the eshop all the time? I'd probably get most of my games from the eshop. And they need to price drop some games… i find it rather ridiculous that Zelda:OoT 3D is STILL $40 a year after release.

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    Sora-Chan says:

    The stuff he said rubs me in the wrong way, in a "what are you smoking" kind of way.

    "I think the PC is going to make a comeback"

    It already has made a comeback, and it's continuing to grow, Steam's login numbers are proof of that.

    In the linked article it says he wants old GB and GBA games put onto the mobile phones. Apparently he hasn't tried to play Mega Man Zero on a emulator for the android, from what I've heard it, and can pretty much see, it'd be difficult to near impossible.

    Also from that article, it seems everyone in the comments is in agreement that this guy is basically off his rocker.

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