Rhode Island Gubernatorial Candidate Backs Independent Probe of 38 Studios Deal

Cranston, Rhode Island Mayor Allan Fung, who is a Republican candidate for governor, is supporting state Senator Dawson Hodgson's call for an independent commission to investigate the state's losing investment in failed video game maker 38 Studios.

"I definitely support that idea," Fung said during a taping Thursday of RIPR's Bonus Q+A. "Right now, the taxpayers never had a vote on it, because it was a moral obligation bond, and I think I've been clear all throughout — I don't support paying that 12 and a half million dollars back on our bond, based on the information that I know now."

Fung was referring to how the General Assembly will be asked to approve payments of $12.5 million for the next seven years. It approved a $2.5 million payment for 38 Studios' bondholders earlier this year.

State lawmakers have shown little interest in Hodgson's proposal for an independent probe of the 38 Studios deal. Hodgson is preparing for a run for attorney general.

Source: Rhode Island Public Radio


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    Atrayo says:

    Hi There,

    Independent probe eh? This is just pie in the sky rhetoric from a candidate running for election. No wonder he's being ignored by the State Legislators, even from his own Political Party.

    Instead of an Independent Oversight Probe how about a State Ethics Violation Probe? To see if any State Laws were broken by the legislators or the governor that allowed such a deal to go through. That sounds reasonable doesn't it? Not! The State of Rhode Island wants this to be yesterdays news and long dead and buried as well. These piece meal news bits are annoying the heck out of the Governor and the Legislators that want to see this turd flushed once and for all.

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