Sony Warns of ‘Irregular Activity’ on PSN, Resets Some PSN Passwords

Sony's security team has uncovered what it is calling "irregular activity" and has reset a number of PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network passwords this week, according to Verge. The extent of this activity was not detailed and it is unclear how many users are being asked to change their passwords. Sony seems to be extra cautious, likely remembering the widespread 2011 PlayStation Network hack that brought the service down for months.

The emails from Sony encourage account owners to use "complex" passwords that are unique to Sony's various services. Usually a complex password has upper and lowercase letters and numbers and doesn't include information that might be relevant to you like your birthday, your name, or your address.

"As always, we also encourage you to keep a close eye on your account for any unusual activity including emails about transactions you did not perform," Sony said.

If you have an account at either of these services it's probably not a bad idea to change your password…

Source: Verge

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