Harmonix Lays Off a ‘Small Number’ of Staff

Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix has confirmed that it has laid off a number of its staff, though the company says that the number of employees let go is a small number.

"We can confirm that a small number of Harmonix employees were let go today," a Harmonix representative told GameSpot. "This decision was made due to shifting staffing priorities for Harmonix's multiple future projects."

It is unclear how many developers lost their jobs this week or what the company's current headcount is. We also do not know if these employees were hired to temporarily fill out a team, contractors, or full-time employees. In April of this year Harmonix cut a small number of jobs in April, and responded with the exact same statement it did today to describe the reasoning for the layoffs.

Harmonix is currently working on Fantasia: Music Evolved, and some other unannounced projects.

We wish the best to all those affected by these layoffs so close to the holidays.

Source: GameSpot

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