Indie Capsule Bundle Launches

Bundle Stars is offering the Indie Capsule Bundle, which contains seven indie games for as little as $3.50 – for a limited time. Three of the games are playable on the Mac, while all the games are available for Windows and codes are available for Steam. Sorry, no Linux games in this bundle…

The seven games are Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (Windows), Blood of the Werewolf (Windows), Slender: The Arrival (Windows), And Yet it Moves (Windows, Mac), Plain Sight (Windows), Doc Clock: The Toasted Sandwich of Time (Windows, Mac), Snuggle Truck (Windows, Mac).

On a related note, the version of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet no longer contains support for Games For Windows – it has been completely removed…

You can grab the bundle at There are other bundles available at Bundle Stars if you dig around the site a bit – and many of them contain decent well-know PC games.


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