Microsoft: Two Million Xbox One Systems Sold Since Launch

Microsoft said today that it has sold more than two million Xbox One consoles worldwide in a little over two weeks since the system launched on Nov. 22.

Sony said earlier in the month that it had managed to move 2.1 million hardware units in roughly the same timeframe after it launched a week before the Xbox One. The Xbox One launched in 13 regions, while the PS4 only launched in the U.S. and Canada to begin with, and was subsequently released in multiple other regions two weeks later.

What these numbers tell us is simple enough: Both Sony and Microsoft are happy with early sales and both systems are doing equally as well amongst gamers.

The good news is that – whatever console you favor – or if you don't care either way – no one can boast about their favorite system winning the imaginary console war… Also the real winner of this latest console cycle so far? Activision. Call of Duty Ghost is the best selling game so far on both platforms.

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