UCS Games Design Students Win National Award

A University Campus Suffolk (UCS) computer games design student and a graduate are the winners of a prestigious national games award, much to the delight of the UK-based school. Brad Smith, currently studying at UCS, and former student Joe Kinglake, were the overall winners in the Walking Dead 48-hour game jam – held in October 2013. The two students teamed up to enter The Walking Dead’s ‘All-out War’ themed Game Jam where they competed with 140 other game jam teams.

"It was great to team up with Brad to win this award," said Kinglake, who now works at Guerrilla Games. "After leaving UCS I got this amazing job in Amsterdam but it was good to work with Brad again on this – it was a really exciting experience."

"I really enjoyed putting all the skills I have learnt at UCS to the test to win this very competitive competition," said Smith. "Joe and I were both delighted to win as it was a really challenging experience."

The game jam challenged the duo to design a segment for an established game called ‘Remember the Fallen’ created by Robert Kirkman. The game was inspired by the imagery from the atomic attacks of 1945 and the famous Charlie Chapman film ‘The Great Dictator’.

A full interview with Joe and Brad can be found at www.thewalkingdead.com/gjwinner_jnb, while the game the duo created can be played at www.thewalkingdead.com/gamejam/rtf.

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