Carmack Spearheading Oculus' Mobile Efforts

December 16, 2013 - GamePolitics Staff

According to a recent interview with Oculus VR chief executive Brendan Iribe on GamesBeat, John Carmack is spearheading Oculus VR's mobile efforts. Carmack left id Software earlier in the year to work for the company out of its Dallas offices, and apparently he is spending a fair amount of his time focusing on mobile platforms.

"At this point there's more than 50 of us in the company, and the majority of us are engineers," Brendan Iribe told GamesBeat. "We have a team of real senior, rock star engineers. Of course, Carmack is at the top."

"He's been spearheading a lot of the mobile effort, working with a group of talented engineers on that," he continued. "He largely works out of the Dallas office. Most of the engineers, though, are in Irvine here, working remotely with John. There's a handful of other developers in Dallas that John is working with."

Iribe went on to say that the company was trying to respect Carmack's work style, which apparently involves extreme focus and problem solving.

Last week the company received $75 million in series B funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. The money will be used to develop the retail unit of the Oculus Rift.

Source: GamesBeat by way of GII



Re: Carmack Spearheading Oculus' Mobile Efforts

This is kinda pointless whats the point of putting a Ipad/mobile device on a 50 inch screen if t looks like crap? (the headset makes it look like a 50 or 60 inch screen)

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Re: Carmack Spearheading Oculus' Mobile Efforts

Huh.  Rift mobile?  Seems like the goggles would be bigger than the device, unless you integrated the device into the goggles.  Then you're into google glass territory.

Mobile seems like the last thing I think of with rift, or 3d in particular.  When's the last time anyone used 3d on their 3DS?

Re: Carmack Spearheading Oculus' Mobile Efforts

Not everyone has high end PCs or any PC for that matter. If Rift works with tablets and phones anyone can use it.

Re: Carmack Spearheading Oculus' Mobile Efforts

All the time here.

Just because one person has the 3D off doesn't mean everyone turns it off.

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