Report: Xbox One in China in 2014

The CEO of a major Chinese corporation has hinted that the Xbox One will be available in China next year. Luo Jiangchun, CEO of online video service Funshion, said during a marketing and advertising strategy meeting last week that the Xbox One would be available in China in 2014, according to Chinese tech site Sohu IT (as uncovered by this Kotaku report).

The news coming from Luo is important because his company is owned by Chinese IPTV provider BesTV, who Microsoft launched a joint-venture with this past September. Microsoft and BesTV launched a $79 million joint venture in the Shanghai Free Economic Zone.

Earlier this year China announced that it would lift the ban on consoles and allow them into the country on several conditions: that companies that distribute the consoles manufacture them in the Shanghai Free Economic Zone and have approval from various ministries within the communist government.

Prior to the change in policy consoles had been banned in China for over 13 years. While this has kept consoles out of retail stores, it has also helped create a gray market where consumers could buy them, along with (pirated mostly) software…

Microsoft has not publicly commented on this story.

Source: Kotaku

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