Valve Releases Steam OS Beta

Over the weekend Valve released the beta version of its Steam OS to the public at large. Steam OS is a Debian variant of the Linux operating system, in case you are interested. Valve has warned those that are eager to install the Steam OS on their PCs that the release is meant more for technically savvy users, and not casual fiddlers.

"SteamOS is available for intrepid Linux hackers to try out. At this point the OS itself is not yet a finished product for a non-technical user," Valve said. "Thanks in advance to the three hundred Steam users who are going to spend their time helping us shape the future of Steam in the living room."

For those who think they have the knowledge and understanding of Linux to use this OS, Valve has launched a handy dandy FAQ explaining more details about it here.

On a related note, one of the Steam Machine recipients has begun posting a series of video related to Valve's beta hardware, Steam OS, and the controller. You can check out a teardown video below, or jump to his YouTube channel to check them all out.

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